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Software / Posts - 10 months ago

How to Build a Better Leadership Team

A recent Gallup survey uncovered an unsettling pattern among U.S. employees: Most workers report having little or no confidence in their company's leaders. According to the report: Just 22 percent of employees strongly agree that the leadership of...

Software / Posts - 10 months ago

5 Effective Ways to Invest in the Middle

There is a surprising hole in the middle of most organizations – one that you might not even be aware of. Middle managers are the least satisfied employee group, and according to Gallup, only 35 percent are engaged in their jobs for reasons that in...

Software / Posts - 10 months ago

3 Tips to Retain Your Top Employees

There have been a series of dramatic shifts in work culture over the past 10 years. Traditional career paths are a thing of the past, with employees unlikely to stay in the same job for more than a few years. Although the job satisfaction rate in t...